Caring Schools

How we create caring schools:





Bullying: A Parent/Guardian's Guide

International Center to Heal Our Children

Kids Are Worth It

Mental Health Association

National Association of School Psychologists

National Education Association

National PTA New York Association of SchoolPsychologists  

Recovering After a Disaster: From the American Red Cross


The Bully Project  


























  • Character education committee at Hagan (meets  monthly)                                                                                           
  • Peaceful playground (non-competitive games at elementary levels)
  • Recess Rodeo
  • PBIS
  • Peer Mediation
  • RSVP (high school)
  • Student-to-student mentoring (including sports)
  • High School and College Students tutoring
  • Adopt a family during the holidays
  • Fundraising for charity
  • PRISM award
  • Adopt a highway
  • Greeting students in the morning
  • Contacts to mobile crise unit
  • Solicated feedback at meetig of students, teachers, staff
  • Climate surveys
  • Behavior plans to facilitate success
  • Memory walk
  • Bully Reporting in Middle and High Schools
  • Club Participation (YAR, GSA)