Whom do I call if:


My child is ill or I require health services information

School Nurse at particular school

High School: 463-7810
Todd MS: 463-7830
Hagan School: 463-7840
Nassau School: 463-7843


I have transportation questions Ms. Doreen Wright, Transportation - 463-7800
I need further information about the School Lunch Program Mrs. Lisa French, School Lunch Manager - 463-7836
I need assistance with accident matters, questions about the district budget or my tax bill Ms. Michele Moloney, Business Manager
My child needs assistance with his/her schedule or classes Spackenkill H.S. Guidance, Gr. 9-12

Todd M.S. Guidance, Gr. 6-8
There is a problem with an individual student or teacher The teacher involved or the principal
Spackenkill H.S. - 463-7810
Todd M.S. - 463-7830
Hagan School - 463-7840
Nassau School - 463-7843
There is a bullying problem

Dignity Act Coordinators

Spackenkill High School: 463-7810
• Joann Klein, joann.klein@sufsdny.org
Todd Middle School: 463-7830
• Kate Casucci, kate.casucci@sufsdny.org
 Hagan Elementary School: 463-7840
• Joanne Shaffer, joanne.shaffer@sufsdny.org
Nassau Elementary School: 463-7842
• Tracie Phillips, tracie.phillips@sufsdny.org

I need to pay for a lost textbook or other school property Ms. Valerie Murphy, District Treasurer
I am seeking information on school district policies Ms. Nancy Melilli, District Clerk