Foreign Language and ESL Resources



ESL Cafe provides student and teacher forums on a wide variety of topics, listservs and discussion groups, a phrasal verb page and much more.

ESL Links provides website links for students and teachers, as well as article and Spanish-language sites. provides an index of links helpful to the ESL student including a Quote of the Day page, Fluency Through Fables, an Activity Page, magazines and journals, quizzes, and resources for educators. provides links to commercial sites for purchases of these resources plus online sites for more resources.

Self-Study Quizzes For ESL Students includes grammar quizzes, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang, vocabulary, and culture. There are also links to many interactive quiz sites and puzzles online. The site also provides templates for teachers to create their own quizzes

ESL-Related Information is a collection of financial-aid pages of colleges and universities.

Edu Pass: The SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA

Index of American Universities from University of Florida's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides links for home pages of American colleges and universities

New 2 USA provides information a newcomer needs in USA.

TOEFL Website


US Journal of Academics enables students to request information from universities.

Virtual Tourist enables you to search for any cities and tourist information.

Other ESL Websites

Web Learning Projects

Fun Fables for Kids

BBC Learning English

EL Easton English Online

The EFL Playhouse Improve Your English

English Everywhere

English Resource

English Daily

ESL Resource Center



Instructional Systems for ESL and Composition

Volterre-Fr: Internet Projects for Learners & Teachers of English

Kaplan Test Prep

Linguistic Funland

La Mansion del Ingles

New Readers Press

Ohio University Department of Linguistics

Leslie Opp-Beckman's OPPortunities: University of Oregon

The Phrasal Verb Page

Teach Abroad

The Teaching in Japan Page  

Lesson Plans and Class Activities An excellent collection of ESL lesson plans for all levels.

ESL Partyland Teaching with Internet, music, for various ESL classes.

Language Arts Mini Lessons Designed for elementary (K-5), but good for ESL classroom use. Well-known free ESL lessons for downloading. A new lesson is added every week.

Free Edutainment Games Educational games can be played in ESL classrooms.


ESL Magazines

ESL Focus: The Worldwide Guide The Web magazine for ESL professionals and students.

The Internet TESL Journal Articles, research papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, teaching Ideas & links.

TESL EJ   Electronic academic journal is an internationally recognized source of ESL and EFL information.

LLT A refereed journal for language educators who are interested in using computers.

Online Dictionaries

The Internet Picture Dictionary

Spanishdict Spanish-to-English translation. Learn words of the day.

The ARTFL Project Search for English or French words and conjugate French verbs.

LEO Thousands of entries in multiple languages. A service provided by LEO: Link Everything Online.

Travlang Translating Dictionaries

ECTACO Online Dictionaries Bilingual dictionariesin many different languages. Enter the word you want to know and get its translation right away.

OneLook This site searches through over1,000 dictionaries for word definitions and translations.

The Internet Acronym Server Huge database of acronyms, constantly updated.

Netlingo Site contains hundreds of words and definitions related to the Internet.

YourDictionary Easy-to-use dictionary and thesaurus.

Encyclopedia Mythica An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.

Links to dictionaries online (English and multilinguall)

OneLook Dictionary Search A long list of dictionaries of various subjects.

FOLDOC A computing dictiorary.

Major USA Newspapers

The Baltimore Sun

The Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune

The Christian Science Monitor

International Herald Tribune/The New York Times

The Los Angeles Times

The New York Post

USA Today

The Wall Street Journal

The Washington Post

The Washington Times

Business English

Volterre-FR This is a page maintained by Linda Thalman, with a big collection of links to business English sites.

Business English Exercises In addition to exercises, there are crosswords and hangman games. Business guide to thousands of companies. Business English basics for several topics.


Pronunciation American English pronunciation practice.

Eva Easton/Authentic American Pronunciation Exercises for every sound with audio available.

International Phonetic Association Learn how to speak naturally.

   English Learning Fun Site Audio enables speaker to repeat phrases.

   Sounds of English Detailed instruction on how to pronounce each sound.


ESL Cyber Listening Lab One of the largest ESL listening training resource on the Web with various interesting topics for three different levels.

Focus A conversation site created by John Liang, University of California, Riverside, with contents added frequently.

TravLang An excellent site for people who want to quickly learn some useful English or other foreign language phrases. A program you can download and set up to listen to news, stories, and songs with text displayed. Listening to a dialogue in which an idiom is used.

Grammar: Exercises, Worksheets, and Quizzes  Quizzes and a grammar help desk.

Guide to Grammar and Style This site explains grammar rules, comments on styles, and suggest usage. A lot of advice on how to write better English.

Grammar Slammer It has an easy-to-use format to help you find what you're looking for, and provide rules and tips about writing clear English. English grammar exercises and worksheets; video-based listening comprehension.

American English Pronunciation Practice Bilingual sentence pairs and vocabulary and grammar quizzes

Aardvark's English Forum Self-study quizzes and more.

Better Business English exercises.

Self-Study Quizzes Over 900 quizzes from the Internet TESL Journal.

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes Click-the-picture quizzes.

English Learner Quizzes A lot of tests in the order of difficulty levels.


English Games

MooT Fun questions about etymology, usage, and grammar of the English language.

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams A word made by using letters of another word in a different order. The world's largest database of assessment quizzes over the Internet. Find correct spelling and click on it.

   Wacky Web Tales Create your own funny story.