Closings and Delays


Snow Days and the Instructional Calendar

If more than five emergency closing days are needed, the make-up formula will be as follows: If only one make-up day: May 26, 2017. If  two make-up days:  May 26 and April 10, 2017. If three make-up days: May 26, April 10, and April 11, 2017. If four make-up days:   May 26, April 10, April 11, and April 12, 2017.


  • Snow day, February 9, 2017
  • Snow day, January 24, 2017

Announcements of School Closing/Delay

Student safety is the highest priority when deciding whether to close or delay school in inclement weather.  Visit the district homepage at Messages for closings and delays are sent through our Automated Communication System (SchoolMessenger) via phone, text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. SchoolMessenger signup avaialbe through clicking this link.

Please note: The district has the option of calling both 2- and 3-hour delays.

When school has been closed due to weather all outside user group activities are also canceled for the day/evening.

The following radio/television stations/websites will be notified and asked to make public announcements regarding emergency school closings:

WHVW: 950 AM

WKIP: 1450 AM

WRNQ Q92: 92.1 FM

WPKF/WFKP KISS FM: 96.1 & 99.3 FM

WRKW: 92.9 FM

WSPK: 1260 AM

WBNR: 104.7 FM

WHUD: 100.7 FM


WPDH: 101.5 FM

WCZX: 97.7 FM

WRRV: 92.7 FM

WRNN [TV]: Channel 62

WRWD Country: 107.3 FM

WBWZ: 93.3 FM

WKIP: 94.3 FM

WGNY: 98.9 FM

WDST 100.1 FM


WABC-TV; Channel 7