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The K-5 Art Program

The K - 5 art program actively engages students in the processes of creation and performance in the arts. Students are introduced to the resources, materials, and techniques that will allow each child to participate to the best of his/her ability. Students will learn to critically analyze and interpret works of art through the knowledge and use of art vocabulary. In addition, this program strives to develop an understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural contributions of the arts, the many forms that art may take, and the role of the artist within the community. Students participate in art once every four days within a forty minute period.

New York State Learning Standards for the Visual Arts

All instruction and assessments are directly reflective of the National and New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the goals of our district.

Hagan Elementary Permanent Art Collection

Each year a small group of student artwork is chosen to become part of the Permanent Art Collection at Hagan. Our collection has grown to over 60 pieces. Some of the selected students have already graduated college. Several of them have pursued careers in the arts. I hope that they have been able to look back at their time at Hagan as the inspiration for their artistic career.

Hagan Permanent Art Gallery

Hagan Elementary Art Show

Each year, every student has the opportunity to display their favorite work at the Hagan Elementary Art Show. This show is a culmination of the entire year's experiences in art. Students make individual choices about what they would like to display as their "best" work. In addition, large scale projects, group works, and sculptures are all on display. The night is highlighted by student instrumental performances and a dance production called "Dancing with Degas".

Art Show Video

Please visit Art Teacher, Mrs. Ciccone's Webpage to view additional student art work and see more of the art program in action.