Hagan Character Education


Character Education Cooperation

Mission Statement:

This school will provide a safe, caring environment where all students get along in a cooperative manner.

Character Education Cooperation
Character Education Assembly
Character Education Hagan Essential Five


Hagan Elementary School has adopted a very practical character education program for the 2006 - 2007 school year. The objective of this program is to improve basic manners among all Hagan students. We have decided on five basic expectations and are calling these “Hagan’s Essential Five.” Please review these expectations with your child. Support from home is critical to consistency.

“Hagan’s Essential Five”:

Students will be expected to…

  1. Address all adults by name [or ma’am and sir at the teacher’s discretion].
  2. Give people eye contact when they are speaking to you.
  3. Say please, thank you, and I’m sorry when appropriate.
  4. Display proper hall walking, assembly and cafeteria behavior, and door etiquette.
  5. Perform random acts of kindness.