Healthy, Safe, & Caring Schools

Mission Statement

The District will provide all students and staff with a safe, healthy, and caring environment. The District will promote an inclusive environment that respects all students, staff, and families.

Maintaining a safe, healthy, and caring environment for students and staff is a priority at Spackenkill. To that end there are a variety of committees that promote these goals:

Safety Committees

Each building has a safety committee comprised of parent volunteers, teacher volunteers, and the building principal. Contact your building principal for more information.

Character Education Committee at Hagan

At Hagan, this committee is comprised of the building principal and parents and teacher volunteers. Contact Mr. Farrell if you are interested in serving on this committee.

District Safety Committee

This committee is comprised of the School Resource Officer, representatives from the building safety committees, school nurses, the Facility Director, School Lunch Director, and other volunteers as interested. Contact Michele Moloney at District Office if you would like more information about this.

 The Health and Wellness Committee

This committee is comprised of parents, employees, and health-related professionals. The purpose of the committee is to assess the school health environment, programs and policies in place and identify ways to strengthen these to improve the health of students and staff. This committee meets five times a year. Contact Marco Lanzoni at the High School for more information.

The Spackenkill Union Free School District is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. The District recognizes that children need access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active and that good health fosters student attendance and education.

The Spackenkill Union Free School District is also committed to promoting and encouraging staff and teacher wellness. Additionally, the District recognizes the importance of developing a relationship with parents by providing information pertaining to the wellness of their children.  

Thus, the District fully recognizes the importance of supporting and encouraging wellness initiatives and programs for students, teachers and staff and parents.

 We Believe That . . .

Children Decisions should be made based on what's safe and best for children.
Education Students, parents, and the community are our responsibility and we are committed to responding to their needs.
Teamwork More can be accomplished by working together, we are each an essential piece of the puzzle.
Loyalty Loyalty bonds our school community together.
Risk taking Only by challenging ourselves can we continue to grow.
Diversity By embracing diversity we will better understand ourselves and others.
Integrity/Honesty Honesty and integrity build trust through effective communication.
Wellness Wellness is essential to lifelong learning and performance in our daily lives.
Empathy/Respect We should treat others as we would like to be treated.
Responsibility We must all take responsibility for all our words and actions.

Excellence is our standard.