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Weather and Meteorology

Mr. Roberts came to speak with Mrs. Zanca and Mrs. Boyce's second grade classes about wild weather and meteorology.  He presented an informational and interactive power point for the kids to learn about different storm types and weather mapping.  They also tested tornado jars and listened to live radio weather broadcasts.

Hour of Code

Nassau parent volunteers to teach Mrs. Ravas' kindergarten class about the basics of computer coding. Kindergarten students learn the connection between symbols and actions to explain and guide one another as GPS robots.  What a way to explain coding! visit for more info.

Pajama Party

“The Big Three Bus Rules Pajama Day Celebration”

On Friday, November 14th the whole school participated in Pajama Day. The children earned their stars by filling “The Big Three Bus Rules” bulletin board. 

                   The rules include:

                   1. Stay in your seat

                   2. Level 1 volume

                   3. Keep hands and feet to self


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