Occupational Education


Grade 11-12, 1 year, 1 credit, Factor 8, Course #7233

A full year course recommended for students exploring possible career majors in business, management, marketing, and economics. The content covers the complete accounting cycle both manually and through computer usage. Since Accounting is the language of all business, it is a good introduction for a variety of college business majors. Computer usage will familiarize the student with an accounting software package and Excel.


Design and Drawing for Production

Grade 9-12, 1 year, 1 credit, Factor 8, Course #6515

This course is a blending of Design and Technical Drawing into one course. It takes the approach of a design problem using sketching, watercolors, modeling, scaling, orthographic projection, pictorial drawing and many other skills used by designers, architects, and technical illustrators to make new products a reality. With the new CAD lab now installed computer aided drawing will be emphasized and form the basis of technical drawing production.

Note: Any student may use this course to satisfy the Art/Music requirement. It may also be used for local credit, for Art credit, or for Technology credit.


Architectural Drawing

Grade 10-12, 1 year, 1 credit, Factor 8, Course #6520

Architectural design and construction had its beginning when humans first modified their habitat to provide for shelter. Almost from the beginning Paleolithic caves were made more comfortable and even included wall painting. This creative need to both engineer shelter and apply art has made architecture one of the signature cultural barometers of civilization. Today, new examples of architectural expression, from trends in home design, new public projects, and especially exciting art museum designs are heralding changes and directions in modern art.

The purpose of this course is to give the novice architecture student an understanding of basic architectural design and drawing. They will study past and present building styles, architectural technical drawing, codes, and house plans. They will be able to read and understand basic house plans and begin using computer-aided drawing, CAD, in our new technical drawing lab.

Prerequisite: Design and Drawing for Production