Application Procedure


  2. WE NEED 10 SCHOOL DAYS TO PROCESS AN APPLICATION. PLEASE NOTE: Applications with early January deadlines must be submitted by the first Friday in December to guarantee that they will be processed before the December winter recess.
  3. Secure and complete a TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM from Mrs. Ryan’s desk for each college or agency.
  4. All materials to be sent [i.e. Fees, Application, Essays, etc.] plus the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM must be submitted to your counselor during a scheduled appointment.
  5. Fees: There is a $2.00 cash fee per institution, payable at the time materials are submitted. Fees cover the normal costs for the school year. Unusually heavy applications might require additional fees. Stamps are not necessary nor are envelopes unless included with the institution’s packet.
  6. The Guidance Office will not be able to give priority to materials submitted at the last moment.
  7. Using the Common Application:
    1. Fill out a Transcript Request Form for each school.
    2. You keep the original application and make a photocopy for each college to which you are applying
  8. Using State University of New York Applications:
    1. Check is make payable to SUNY APC.
    2. Fill out a Transcript Request Form for each SUNY school
  9. If requested on the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM, Mid-Year Forms will be automatically be sent to colleges after the second marking period.
    1. Students should ask if a teacher will write a recommendation for them and if they agree, give them the deadline date.
    2. Students should submit, to the teacher, a stamped addressed envelope.
    3. Include a Teacher Recommendation form [if available] with your name, address filled out.
    4. A copy of your extracurricular participation would be helpful to your teacher.
    5. A thank you note for helping strengthen your admission packet would be a thoughtful gesture.