Process for Parent Review of Student Responses

• A parent may request a review of their students’ responses to constructed-response questions in the 2016 ELA Test Book 2 and Book 3 and Mathematics Test Book 3. form.  For the ELA tests, parents/guardians can request to read the passages associated with the constructed-response questions.  Requests must be made in person, in writing, on the district's form.

• A parent may also request a copy of the student’s constructed-response test books.  This request must also be made in person, in writing, on the district's form.

•  At the time the request is brought to the main office, clerical staff will check the identification of the person making the request, verify the legal guardianship of that person, and schedule an appointment for that person with the appropriate building administrator.  An attempt will be made to schedule the appointment within seven working days of the submission of the request.  The review will be conducted in the presence of the building administrator.  If copies were requested, they will be made available at the scheduled appointment.

CLICK HERE to download the district’s request form.