Meningococcal Immunization Requirements

Although the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has been disseminating information about these new meningococcal requirements to parents and schools, NYSDOH understands that many parents or legal guardians may have, nevertheless, been unaware of the such requirements. 

Specifically, it has come to NYSDOH’s attention that many parents or legal guardians were not able to schedule appointments for their child to receive the meningococcal vaccine until after the standard 14-day grace period for compliance with immunization requirements, as set forth in 10 NYCRR 66-1.4.   

As such, NYSDOH will exercise its enforcement discretion for up to 30 days after school entry for parents or legal guardians who can demonstrate to schools their good faith efforts to comply with the meningococcal immunization requirements.  For example, a good faith effort can be demonstrated by submitting a note on the health practitioner’s letterhead or copy of appointment card, providing the date of the child’s appointment to receive the meningococcal vaccine, which must be scheduled to be on or before 30 days after school entry. 

After 30 days after school entry, any child entering 7th or 12th grades or comparable age level grade equivalents must be excluded from school if their parents or legal guardians have not submitted a certificate of immunization from a health practitioner or from NYSIIS documenting that the child has received an adequate dose or doses of the meningococcal vaccine or a medical or religious exemption.  Students who are non-compliant will be excluded starting October 6, 2016.