Citation, Copyright and Plagiarism

MLA Citation Guide for Spackenkill High School

MLA format is used for most coursework at SHS except science courses.  This guide gives formats and examples for resources you are most likely to use.

MLA Paper Format Guide

This guide shows you how to format your MLA paper, including information on headings, page numbers and indentation.  Instructions for both Microsoft Word and Google documents are available.


APA Style (link to OWL Pudue guide)

Required format for some papers in the sciences.

CSE Scientific Style and Format

Used for papers being written for publication in scientific journals and/or competitions.

MLA Style (link to OWL Pudue guide)

Required for most humanities and the most commonly used style at SHS.


Spackenkill High School's subscription citation maker.  Sign into EasyBib with your school email and password.  This resource will help you create citations in many different formats, including APA and MLA.


Spackenkill High School's subscription plagiarism checker.  Your teacher may require you to submit writing assignments through this service.


Academic Integrity Guides

Plagiarism Guide

Copyright Guide

Copyright Friendly Media

These documents give guidance to students and teachers on plagiarism, copyright and fair use.