Biology: Cell Organelle Poster Project

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Online Resources for Science Research

I. Print Materials


Search the Library Catalog for Books
Open catalog and click on SEARCH tab.

Try different searches, broadening or narrowing your search:  

                        General keyword: Biology = 112

                        General keyword: Plants = 50

                        General keyword: Cells = 14

A.  General Nonfiction Books - Books located in our general collection are available for three-week checkout.  For example, Cell Biology and Histology 611.018 GAR

B. Textbooks - Textbooks are for in library use only. For example: Biology/Exploring Life TEXT 570 BIO

C.  Reference Books - Reference Books are typically available for Library Use Only. For example: The New Book of Popular Science (6 volumes) REF 500 NEW

II.     Subscription Databases


Search Databases 

Passcodes available in the library.          

III. Websites

Web Links

A.  Search Evaluated Websites

Go to Web Links page of SHS Library website.
Select one of the evaluated Search Engine sites from the left column and search for your topic.  Links you find will be reputable sources for your research.

  B.  Search the "Free" Web

Go to Web Links page of SHS Library website.  Select one of the search engines from the right column to search for your topic.  Different search engines give different results.  YOU are responsible for critically evaluating the information:


     What is the domain in the URL? ( .edu  .gov   .com   .org   .net )

     Is it clear who is responsible for the contents?   

     Is there a way to contact the page sponsor?

     Is the author qualified to write on the topic?


     Is the page free of grammatical and spelling errors?

     Can you verify the information in other sources?


     Can you tell information from opinion from advertising?

     What is the purpose of the page?
                 (Informational, News, Marketing, Advocacy, Personal)

     When was the page written?  Last updated?


     Is the page completed?

     Is the information general? Specific?  Detailed?

 Recommended sites:

You can also go to the class Diigo site for more Web link suggestions.

IV. Multimedia


General Portal


Government Sources – Most images are in the public domain, but some are not.

Read conditions of use!!!






Sample Glogs