Todd Middle School Art Department

     Visual artists today are the creators and designers of many of the things we see around us and enjoy on a daily basis - television/movies, advertising, fashion, jewelry, everyday products, architecture, websites, animation, video games, as well as paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. It is important to recognize the many ways the creative process is beneficial in our modern society.

    It is with this thought in hand that our department strives to bring out the very best from our students in order to prepare them for a world where creative problem solving is an integral part of success.


All instruction and assessments are directly reflective of the National and New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the goals of our district.

Curriculum Coordinator of Art: grades 7-12

Mr. Roberto Romani


GALLERIES (under construction)

Advanced Studio in Art (8th grade)

8th grade

7th grade

6th grade