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Todd Poetry Contest 2017

Each day, we will be posting one poem that has been entered into the contest.  
The poems will be randomly selected.

Poem of the Day: April 28th

My Music Box

On a tall dresser it lay,
ready to be awakened
and brighten my day.

Oh, what a sweet sound it makes
and what memories it unfolds,
For its gift is of reminiscence,
With a story to be told.

An object with meaning,
greater than its appearance,
helps me to revisit what are truly, the dearest moments,
that live within me.
      by Vanessa A.

Poem of the Day: April 27th

Staying True

Middle School
Different, Big
Learning, Studying, Socializing
Old friends and new

Keeping my old friends and making new,
All the while keeping true,
To who I am, and what I want to be.
People change who they are sometimes I see.
I am true to myself, what would you do?
Stand with, stand apart, be many or a few.

If you see someone without a friend,
Would you be helpful if you can?
Or would you just try to fit in and not bend.
That’s what you must decide if you can.
Fitting in, looking cool, acting like a fool.
In the end it is up to you to make a difference.
Now that is truly what is cool!

    by  Anonymous

Poem of the Day: April 26th

Scents of spring drift through the air,
As lavender and roses bud,
Their colors light and fair.
A swirl of color drifts through the snare,
Of Earth’s graceful, delicate beauty.
The giant willows sway no worse for wear
As gusts of wind fly by.
Trees and flowers full of flair
Resting in the midst of spring.

   by Julia G.

Poem of the Day: April 25th


For every hot, there is a cold.
For every young, there is an old.
For every up, there is a down.
Opposites make the world go round.

For every me, there is a you.
To sunset’s orange, the day is blue.
For all of you, there is still me.
Opposites drive humanity.

In the ground below, and the sky above...
With all our hate...
There is still love.

    by Sam C.

Poem of the Day:  April 24th


The sun is shining
the birds are singing
and the sky is blue.
I say to you
why don't you come out and play
and have fun, fun, fun all day?
So you can feel the wind in your hair
take one step and believe you're floating on air.
You would have fun I say
on a beautiful spring day.
     by Ne'vaeh A.

Grease Is This Weekend!


Due to the high volume of tickets sold for these performances, and limited parking, we will offer shuttle bus services from Hagan Elementary School to the High School.  The shuttle will pick up at Hagan between 6:15 pm and 6:50 pm in 5 to 10 minute increments with a return shuttle to Hagan Elementary immediately after the performance.
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service.
Steven Malkischer


Math Students Excel

math commended students

Above left to right:  Todd Dean of Students Anchala Sobrin, Principal Daniel Doherty, Aditya Shankar, Emily Ma, Jeet Shahani, and Math Club Advisor Cindy Nguyen gather to celebrate AMC commended students.

We want to commend the 13 problem-solvers from Todd Middle School who participated in the 32nd annual American Mathematics Competition for middle school students (AMC 8) on November 15, 2016.  They are:

Taha  Ali, Nicholas J. Busaba, Emily Jea, Anikha A.Justin, Soumya Kamada, Emily Ma, Jonathan Raz, Jeet Shahani, Aditya Shankar, Shinrea Su, Edison Sung, Eric  Sung,  and Anoushka Swain

Special congratulations go out to eighth grader Emily Ma, sixth grader Jeet Shahani, and eighth grader Aditya Shankar for their achievements on this exam and receiving the top three scores at Todd.  

Emily Ma, who earned the title of School Winner, received the highest score achieved by a Todd student since we began administering the AMC 8 in 2009. Her exceptional performance places her in in the top 1% among students taking this test nationally.

The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple-choice examination organized by the Mathematical Association of America and designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. Participation in this exam helps middle school students enhance their analytical thinking skills and develop positive attitudes toward mathematics. Students are able to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to unique problem-solving challenges in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

The Todd Middle School Math Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Cindy Nguyen, participates in many challenging math competitions throughout the year. We are proud of all our participants.




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