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Veterans Day 2015


Thank you to Dave Gunn, Vincent Bo and Jessica Smith for speaking to students on Veterans Day.  
Mr. Gunn served in Vietnam in the U.S. Navy.  
Mr. Bo is a U.S. Army veteran who also served in Vietnam.
Ms. Smith served in the U.S. Army in several different countries including Bosnia and South Korea.

Back to School Social 2015

Welcome Back to School Social!

When: September 25, from 2:30-5:00
Where: Todd Middle School (you start in the gym to hand in tickets)
What: Food, drinks, games, contests and more!
Cost: Tickets are $2 in advance and can be purchased during lunch.  They are $4 at the door.
Sixth graders! If you have read the summer reading book, Dead End in Norvelt, you get in free.
Please hand in a signed slip or note from home confirming that you have read the book.


Support SHS Fundraiser

Surprise friends or family members with a flock of pink flamingos on their lawns! The birds will only be here from September 9 through November 19 and will not return until spring of 2016. Order your flock today!  Download order forms and information below or speak to a member of the Flocking Team by calling 463-7822:

CLICK HERE for the flyer.

CLICK HERE for the order form.


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