March 9 BOE Meeting

The Board of Education will hold a Regular Meeting on March 9 @ 7:30 pm at Todd Middle School Dining Hall. Project Lead the Way will be presented by secondary principals Rob Knuschke and Steve Malkischer. There will also be presentations on Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad by advisors and students. "Todd's Essential Question" is also on the agenda, presented by Rob Knuschke, Christine Brady, and students. A Budget Discussion will follow.

The community is welcome and always encouraged to attend. For information about any BOE meeting presentations, please visit the BoardDocs section of this website, which is located under the Board of Education drop-down menu, or CLICK HERE.

Community Budget Forum Feedback


On February 10, 2015, the second of two budget forums was held at Todd Middle School.  Participants, which included staff and community members, gathered in small group discussions led by neutral facilitators. Among topics discussed were the value of adding new student programs and courses of study, the worth of professional development, and the impact of keeping all of our buildings open.

CLICK HERE to read the feedback from the February forum.

At the previous Budget Forum, held in November, participants.discussed non-mandated academic, extra-curricular, and athletics programs and the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom.

CLICK HERE to read the feedback from the November forum. 

These conversations will be used to guide the Board of Education as it continues the 2015-2016 budget formation process.

STEM Day Draws Hundreds


On February 21, the Spackenkill district held its first family STEM Day, a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Some 500 participants from around the Hudson Valley came out to Todd Middle School on a Saturday to participate in this free event. Students engaged in many hands-on activities that were both fun and educational. Some explored electro-magnetic fields in a  colorful plasma globe (above left). In another demonstration, people formed a human circuit using a Van de Graaff generator (above right), which creates large amounts of static electricity and is a useful tool in physics research.  Thank you to all who supported this special event.



Transportation Request Deadline April 1

Parents and guardians must have requests for private providers for the 2015-16 school year to the Spackenkill USFD Transportation Department by April 1, 2015. If requests are not filed by April 1, there is no guarantee of transportation in September. Requests must be filed every year. For more information, please call Doreen Wright, Director of Transportation: 845-463-7800.


SHS Students on Cablevision Show

On January 14, Spackenkill High School seniors were joined by Dutchess County Executive Marc Mollinaro and Town of Poughkeepsie Supervisor Todd Tancredi for a taping of "Meet the Leaders at School," a Cablevision show.  Students asked questions on a variety of topics related to the community.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

CLICK HERE for photos, an event recap video, and a news story.

Stay Connected with SUFSD's Mobile App

Check out our new Spackenkill mobile app! It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. CLICK HERE for the link. The app can always be found in the right sidebar of our district homepage or you can search for it in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. This app makes it easy to find information from our website when using a mobile device. Just go into the settings and choose the buildings about which you want to get news and information. You can find bus routes, team schedules, cafeteria menus, and upcoming events for each school. You’ll also have easy access to our eSchool mobile site, SchoolMessenger, and our Facebook page. Download the app today and see for yourself!



Apply for the Smart Schools Bond Act Committee


On November 4, 2014,  New York State voters passed the Smart Schools Bond Act, which will provide SUFSD with $752,800 for technology purchases. The district is seeking volunteers to serve on the Ad Hoc Smart Schools Bond Act Committee. This committee will make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding how the funding should be used. Interested parties should fill out an application and contact Nancy Melilli at or 463-7800.

Deadline for applications is March 6.

CLICK HERE to read more about the committee.

CLICK HERE to download and print an application.


SUFSD Selected for Public Service Commercial



During the 2013-2014 school year, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable selected Spackenkill as the pilot school district for their Hudson Valley Education Connection public service commercial series.  They came into the schools last June to film to film activities that highlight unique and positive things about the district in order to raise awareness of our strengths in the larger community. Dates for airtime are still to be announced, but you can click on the arrow above to get a preview!


SUFSD Earns Performance Excellence Award

Spackenkill Union Free School District has been named a winner of the 2014 Silver Performance Excellence Award by Partners in Performance Excellence  (PiPEx), a Baldrige Enterprise Member serving New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Thoroughly examined through the same rigorous process and guidelines of the national Malcolm Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence, SUFSD has been recognized for its leadership, management, and operational practices in the field of education.

CLICK HERE to read the PiPEx press release.

CLICK HERE to read the application.

CLICK HERE for the PiPEx Feedback Report.

Budget Survey Committee Seeks Volunteers

Spackenkill continues to reach out to the community for input to its budget-building process for the upcoming school year. To this end, the district is seeking volunteers to serve on the Budget Survey Committee. The purpose of the committee is to:

  • develop a budget survey to distribute to the community
  • analyze feedback
  • develop a budget exit survey to be administered  following the budget vote for the upcoming school year

Interested parties should fill out an application and return it to the School Business Manager, Michele Moloney, at the Spackenkill District Office, 15 Croft Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 or Michele.Moloney, 845-463-7800. Meeting times are likely to held in the evenings.  CLICK HERE for the application.

More Headline News

NYSED Seeks Feedback on CPR Legislation by Feb. 27

During the 2014 legislative session, the New York State Legislature passed and Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 417, which amended Section 305 of the Education Law to require the Commissioner of Education to make a recommendation to the Board of Regents regarding a potential new mandate for required instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in senior high schools. Consistent with the legislative requirement, New York State department staff is seeking feedback from parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and other interested parties prior to making a recommendation to its Board. Please visit the state website to take a survey:

CLICK HERE for the NYSED survey link.

BOE Seeks Input on 3000 Policy Series

The Board of Education is reviewing the 3000 Policy Series and seeks input. CLICK HERE to access the series.

Apply for Smart Schools Bond Act Committee

On November 4, 2014,  New York State voters passed the Smart Schools Bond Act, which will provide SUFSD with $752,800 for technology purchases. The district is seeking volunteers to serve on the Ad Hoc Smart Schools Bond Act Committee. This committee will make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding how the funding should be used. Interested parties should fill out an application and contact Nancy Melilli at or 463-7800.


CLICK HERE to read more about the committee.

CLICK HERE to download and print an application.

LHCSS Press Release on Proposed Education Reforms

CLICK HERE to read a press release from the Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents regarding Governor Cuomo's proposed education reforms.



Letter to Governor Cuomo from NYSAPE

CLICK HERE to read a cover letter and FOIL request from New York State Allies for Public Education regarding release of state aid projections.

Letter to NYSED Regarding Field Testing

CLICK HERE to read a letter to the New York State Education Department regarding a proposed amendment on field testing. A reolution passed by the SUFSD BOE in April 2014 is included.

Interscholastic Athletics and Health Exam Requirements

CLICK HERE to read about interscholastic athletics and health exam requirements.

Community Input Sought on 2000 Series Policies

The Spackenkill administration and Board of Education are currently reviewing policies in the 2000 series, Administration. Feedback is welcome. To access the policies, CLICK HERE.



Combat Heroin Campaign Launched

CLICK HERE to read a letter from the New York State Education Department regarding the alarming rise in heroin and opioid abuse. CLiCK HERE to visit NY state's Combat Heroin campaign website.

Design Changes for SAT

In March 2014, the College Board announced significant changes to the design of the SAT.  CLICK HERE to read a letter from NYSED about the focus of the changes.

New Nutrition Standards for 2014-2015 School Year

Spackenkill's Food Service Department continues to strengthen its efforts to provide the best possible nutrition for kids. CLICK HERE to read about new standards for the 2014-2015 school year.



NYSED Memo on APPR Assessments

Following, please find a memo we received from the New York State Department of Education (NYSED ) regarding what it deems “unnecessary APPR assessments.” In regard to Task 1, several of the middle school and high school subjects that are identified as administering pre-assessments do not do so.  Some subjects/courses that did administer pre-assessments last year have eliminated them for next year.

In regard to Tasks 2 and 3, the APPR requirements are very complicated at the secondary level.  Many of the assessments listed in the following memo exist in the event that they are needed, but many of them may never actually be administered.   Additionally, the local Student Learning Objective (SLO) and the assessment used for it need to be negotiated with each individual teacher; many teachers are, rightfully so, concerned about using the same exam for both the 20% state score and the 20% local score of their evaluations.   For one test to comprise 40% of a person’s evaluation is not reasonable.  For similar reasons, teachers are reluctant to be assigned scores based on tests administered in subject areas they do not teach (such as a health teacher being evaluated  based on an English assessment). 

CLICK HERE to read the NYSED memo.

CLICK HERE to read an updated list of APPR pre- and post-assessments for the 2014-2015 school-year.

Parents' Bill of Rights

The purpose of the Parents’ Bill of Rights is to inform parents of the legal requirements regarding privacy, security and use of student data . CLICK HERE to read the document.

Property Tax Freeze Credit

The Property Tax Freeze Credit is a two-year tax relief program that reimburses qualifying New York State homeowners for increases in local property taxes on their primary residences. SUFSD is in compliance for year 1. Taxpayers will be entitled to a refund from the state in the fall of 2014. CLICK HERE for more information.

Change in Immunization Requirements

The New York State Department of Health has adjusted the requirements for immunizations effective July 1, 2014. CLICK HERE to read about the new requirements.

State of the District

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, Dr. Powell presented the State of the District Report.

CLICK HERE to read the document..

Parent Feedback Welcome

Parents recently received a letter in the mail dated May 16, 2014, asking for feedback about the district. The letter and the feedback form are posted below.

CLICK HERE for feedback letter.
CLICK HERE for feedback form.

New Service of Dutchess County HELPLINE

The Dutchess County Department of Mental Hygiene has expanded its 24-hour HELPLINE service to include texting.   Dutchess TEXTS is designed as an alternate way to access mental health assistance since many people, particularly young adults and teenagers, often prefer to text rather than talk on the phone.    Young people can access support services by texting “DMH” to 741 741 READ MORE...

SUFSD Board of Education Approves Resolution

At the April 22 Board of Education meeting, the Testing, Common Core, and Privacy Resolution was approved.

                                                         CLiCK HERE to read the resolution.

Consequences of Objections to Standardized Testing

Read an article by the New York State Association of School Attorneys regarding standardized testing and the consequences for school districts when students refuse to take state assessments.

                                                          CLICK HERE to read the article.

Curriculum Update

The Spackenkill Union Free School District will begin the process of developing and revising grade-level and subject-area curriculum maps.

CLICK HERE to read a letter from the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and PPS.

Spackenkill Rates High for Financial Stability

The state Office of Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released a report on the financial stability of school districts in New York. Spackenkill ranked 643 out of 674 districts, in the top 5% statewide. SUFSD also has the best financial stability among school districts in Dutchess County. VIEW A CHART OF COMPARSIONS.  

Additional information can be found at the NYS Comptroller's website.


New York state schools' financial ratings: Look up, compare school districts (1/16/14, The Post-Standard)

NYS 2014-2015 Legislative Changes Regarding Common Core and Student Privacy

The New York State Legislature recently passed its 2014-2015 budget, which contains provisions impacting our district and students. The new legislation features a number of changes with regard to the implementation of the Common Core and student data privacy. We have outlined the key provisions, which are effective as of April 1, 2014 (unless otherwise noted), as follows. READ MORE.

BOE Approves Veterans' Exemption

At the February 25 Board meeting, a partial exemption from school taxes for veterans was approved by the Spackenkill Board of Education.   Military veterans may receive an exemption based upon their type and time of service.  The default exemptions were approved for Spackenkill veterans. READ MORE


Food Service Account Allows Parents to Manage Food Choices

If your child has a dietary restriction or allergy that you would like listed on their NutriKids/MySchoolBucks account or if you wish to limit or block the purchase of a specific food item, please contact the Spackenkill Food Service Department at 463-7836 or
CLICK HERE for the School Lunch web section

UPDATE: EngageNY Portal Parent Fact Sheet

The EngageNY Portal provides educators, parents, and students with access to educational data, curriculum and instructional resources. The updated document includes responses to additional questions raised over the past few weeks in addition to a short summary of the data security and privacy protections in place for the EngageNY Portal. Additional information about the Portal can be found at

READ the Parent Fact Sheet (PDF) | EngageNY Portal Data Dictionary (PDF)

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