What's Right with Spackenkill! October 25th 2019

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What's Right with Spackenkill!

October 25, 2019


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Dear Spackenkill Community,

This past Tuesday at our Board of Education meeting, we recognized our trustees in celebration of School Board Recognition Week, proclaimed by Governor Cuomo. Our current school Board works as hard as any school Board that I have ever been associated with. Thank you, President Tom Keith, Vice President Herman Lo, and trustees Richard Horvath, Mary Sawyer, and Dan Koehler!

How about a shout-out to the Arlington Fire District and Captain Finn for their continuing support of our school district!

Finally, as you read through this newsletter you will see many examples of the importance of the arts in our schools. We are so fortunate to have such strong art and music departments that stimulate our students' passion for and enjoyment of the arts. The article on Mr. Kody Andreas, music teacher at Nassau and Hagan, is a must-read! Thank you, parent Rachel Johnson, for taking the time to bring Mr. Andreas to the attention of the Poughkeepsie Journal.

My best,

mark villanti

Mark Villanti, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


Take Action!

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Please click here to send an email or a letter to Governor Cuomo regarding signing Bill S.1239/A.4069.

Kindergartners Eager to Experiment

Mrs. Lombardi's kindergarten class has been busy learning about the world around us. One of their lessons was all about Johnny Appleseed. They tasted a variety of apples and made applesauce together.

As part of their Science 21 curriculum, the students are learning all about how the sun heats the Earth. The class went on a solar walk to use their "hand-thermometers" to test which surfaces are cold, cool, warm, and hot.  They also used black and white "mittens" to see which one gets warmer quicker. "Our kindergarten friends were able to determine that the black mittens warmed faster than the white mittens," says Mrs. Lombardi.

Above: Mrs. Lombardi's class learned all about apples and even made apple sauce together.
Above: Kindergarten students tested different surfaces to see which heated up most in the sun.

Board Recognition Week

At the October 22nd Board of Education meeting, members of the Spackenkill BOE were recognized for their service to the district. Board President Tom Keith, Vice President Herman Lo, and trustees Dr. Richard Horvath, Dr. Mary Sawyer, and Daniel Koehler all received certificates in appreciation of their service.

The New York State School Boards Association sponsors School Board Recognition Week every October to recognize school Board members for their commitment to New York public school children. Recognizing school Board member service should be a year-round endeavor, but designating one week to highlight these volunteers’ efforts ensures they receive some of the thanks they deserve. Learn more about New York’s school Board members in this fact sheet.

Above, left to right: Daniel Koehler, Herman Lo, Tom Keith, Richard Horvath, and Mary Sawyer.

Superintendent's Candidate Night Draws Staff & Community

On October 23rd, teachers, staff, and community members attended Superintendent Candidates Night in the Spackenkill High School auditorium. Each of the three finalists made a presentation to the community. The candidates are as follows:

Mr. Brian Scott Fried, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Finance & Operations, Millbrook Central School District, Millbrook, NY

Dr. Gail E. Duffy, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Dr. Paul M. Fanuele, Executive Principal, Arlington High School, Arlington Central School District, Lagrangeville, NY

Board President Tom Keith (above) served as moderator for the event and asked questions submitted by community members. Afterward, attendees filled out rating sheets assessing the candidates on the following characteristics that the Board has identified as desirable in a Superintendent:

• communicates effectively with the entire district community and is a visible leader;
• formulates a clear vision for the district and inspires others;
• uses data to guide continuous improvement;
• possesses a strong background in curriculum and instruction;
• addresses problems creatively, resourcefully, and with agility;
• devises practical solutions and innovative strategies to deliver a responsible financial operational plan;
• understands and works effectively within New York State Education Law and SED regulations; and
• maintains a strong voice in state and community affairs.

The Board will announce its decision regarding the Superintendent position in November.



Todd Students Elect Officers

Congratulations to the students who were elected to officer positions in Todd Student Government! This organization does so much for the middle school as well as the community.


Get Your Tickets for Little Shop of Horrors

Spack Onstage Presents!

On November 8th, 9th, and 10th, Spack Onstage presents their fall musical, Little Shop of Horrors.  A horror-comedy, this iconic show tells the story of Seymour, a meek floral assistant manipulated by a people-eating plant. Come enjoy the infectious music--combining rock, Motown, and Broadway--and see if Seymour gets the girl before the fast-talking plant gets everyone else!


Come pick out your seats!
Tonight (Friday, 10/25) the Spack Onstage Box Office will be open 7-9 pm at Spackenkill High School Auditorium Lobby.  



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PTA Hosts Trunk or Treat

Thank you to the Elementary PTA for holding Trunk or Treat in the Hagan parking lot last weekend. Children loved trick or treating out of car trunks, and there were quite a few over-the-top displays and inspired costumes.
trunk or treat scenes

Reinforcing Fire Safety

The Arlington Fire District gave Nassau students a thorough lesson in fire safety this past Tuesday. After viewing a video about the importance of getting out of a burning building quickly and going to a family meeting place, students actually simulated those actions by exiting a "smoky" room and meeting with their classmates a safe distance away. They also toured a fire truck and practiced covering their faces while they stopped, dropped, and rolled. To help them remember what they learned, the students received coloring materials.

Above, clockwise from top left: Each student practiced "stop, drop, and roll"; took a complete tour of a fire truck; exited a "smoke-filled" room; and gathered with classmates at a meeting place.  
Above:  Mrs. Strapec's second grade watched a video on fire safety and learned about fire trucks.  

Environmental Club Takes a Stand

The High School Environmental Club attended a climate awareness rally at Waryas Park on October 13 in an effort to send a message to Governor Cuomo to stop the transport of fracked gas. 



Everyone's an Artist

Todd Middle School art students brought in their parents and relatives for Todd Family Art Night on Wednesday.  Teacher MaryBeth Romani provided plenty of creative options for participants to explore. Look closely at the photo below to see Principal Dan Doherty in the background working with paints.  

The Musical Spirit of Halloween


As always, music teacher Mr. Andreas has been busy inspiring his classes at Nassau and Hagan to do their best. In a recent fourth grade lesson, students practiced musical notes and acted out movements and gestures to spooky music that's perfect for Halloween. They also played a pass-the-broom game that involved keeping rhythm. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time with this amazing teacher.

 In case you missed it, here is a link to a story featuring Mr. Andreas in the Poughkeepsie Journal about teachers who make a difference in students' lives.

..acting out scary music
Click here to view a brief video of the students and Mr. Andreas acting out spooky music for a student judge.



Winter Sports Registration



 Online registration for winter sports is now open. Register on Family ID: 


The start dates for winter sports:
JV/Varsity - November 11th  
Modified - November 18th


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Mission: Inspired by a tradition of excellence and a spirit of continuous improvement, the Spackenkill School District will provide all of our students with the academic and social skills necessary to pursue their goals and become responsible citizens in an interdependent global community.

Vision: All Spackenkill graduates will be lifelong learners who are inspired to pursue their dreams and contribute to the global society.

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